The marble Botticino Classico produced by the group is of the finest in quality and color, with a compact structure and high strength. For these features it has been used in prestigious projects throughout the world from roman time to the present day.

There are two types of Botticino Classico marble: Botticino Classico, Botticino Classico extra. Then there are two other types of Botticino marble: Botticino Fiorito and Crema Italia. These quality are an exclusive production of the Eredi Martinelli.

The company also produces Breccia marble, which is part of the same Botticino formation and is quarried in the neighboring area in two types: Breccia Oniciata rosata and Damascata.

Our offer extended to different types of colored marble. The most important is Grigio Italia , a hard stone, dark or light grey with veins. The slabs of this material are excellent for open book lay.

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