Production site

Opened in the 1950s in Rezzato, the Eredi Martinelli production site is now split into various lines for different materials and products, offering the ultimate in marble transformation capacity. All the processing work is performed in an industrial facility covering 60.000 sq.m., of which 15.000 sq.m. are under cover.

Equipped with diamond wire and single –blade block cutting rigs, polishing machines, block cutters for flooring products and belt polishers, in the production site semi- finished and finished products are prepared ready for shipment for the Italian and international markets.

The Botticino Classico marble blocks go through the first processing phase with a special attention to cleaning and squaring. Our very accurate system for load optimization makes transport effective and guarantees the final customer maximum yeld of material. The same is true for Grigio Italia marble blocks, which can be used for slabs of exceptional size. Grigio Italia marble is extracted from the same region.

The semi-finished products are medium/large size slabs, polished and unpolished mainly in Botticino Classico and Grigio Italia.